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11 Tips And Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Table Setting

The wedding ceremony itself is something beautiful and romantic to witness for guests. But it is no secret that almost everyone attending your big day is looking forward to the reception that follows. Guests will comment about every aspect of the reception. Everything from the food the York PA caterer prepared to the table setting will be judged.

Follow these table setting tips to surely impress your guests during the reception:

1 – Classics Never Fail

If you are pressed for time and ideas, go for a classic table setting with neutral colored linens, gold accents, and elegant china. Choose classic and well-loved centerpieces like a beautifully arranged bouquet of roses and sweet peas. It is the perfect romantic and classy table setting that never fails to impress and delight.

2 – Seating Arrangement Matters

Take the extra time to seat all your guests at the right table, this way you can minimize awkward guest interactions.

3 – Use Appropriate Dining Ware

Work closely with your York PA caterer so that the dining ware matches the cuisine being served. You don’t want to have a full table setting when there aren’t enough dishes for the silverware provided.

4 – Utensils On The Table

Don’t make the mistake of letting guests get their own silverware from the buffet line. It is messy, unorganized, and troublesome for people to get their food and their utensils at the same time.

5 – Stick To A Theme

Weddings today have themes and it is best to match the table setting with the theme. You don’t want to have a mismatched reception where your theme is rustic and simple while the table looks like a 5-star setup.

6 – Match The Season

Make use of your surroundings and have a table setting that goes with the current season. Summer weddings with tropical table setups are perfect while a DIY winter wonderland is perfect for a winter reception.

7 – Consider Glassware

Are you serving wine for all the guests? Will they order from a bar? Whatever your drink situation may be, be sure you to provide the right type of glassware for the occasion.

8 – Children’s Table

Don’t forget to set up a table specifically for just the children. Also, have a different menu for the kids so that they will also enjoy the reception.

9 – Don’t Overcrowd

None of your guests will appreciate being placed in a table that is too small for everyone. Try to limit the number of seats according to the suggested maximum to avoid overcrowding.

10 – Leave Room For Food

Avoid putting too many plates, glasses, and centerpieces on the table. Your guests shouldn’t struggle to find a place for their food when it’s time to eat.

11 – Two-In-One Centerpieces

If you are planning to give wedding favors on your wedding, why not choose favors that serve a purpose. A centerpiece can also be a wedding favor that guests can take home which means you don’t have to clean them up nor spend extra for table decorations.

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