Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

9 Tips How To Unlock The Energy Of Healing Crystals

At one point in your life, you must have gone to a crystal shop. Especially after hearing about the so-called crystal healing, or the alternative medical technique that uses gemstones and crystals to help a person be cured or be protected from a disease.

How Healing Crystals Work

Crystal healing is all about vibrations. The vibrations received by a person who wears or uses crystals then serve as a catalyst for the changes made in one’s energy — may the energy be physical, emotional, or even spiritual. The energy shifts can help drive out negativities and bring stability and balance to one’s well-being.

Unlocking the Energy of Healing Crystals

After going to a crystal shop and buying the most essential healing crystals, what’s next? In this section, we’re giving your nine ultimate tips on how to make the most of your precious stones.

Let the crystals know your intent

Whether through a chant or a silent, meditative manner, you have to “program” your crystals first with your intent. Are you healing a certain disease? Do you want to attract great opportunities for your business? It’s a must to let the crystals know your innermost desires.

Wear your crystals

A popular way of using crystals is by turning them into jewelry pieces and wearing them. These crystals can be incorporated in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even anklets.

Carry your crystals on your purse or pocket

If you don’t want to wear them as jewelry, another way of keeping your crystals with you is by tossing them into a purse or into your pocket.

Sleep near your crystals

At night, you can make your sleep more peaceful by tucking some crystals underneath your pillow or by placing them on your bedside table.

Meditate with your crystals

Another simple means of connecting with your crystals is by holding them whenever you meditate. This can also create a grounding effect that can decrease levels of pain and stress.

Infuse your crystals on your self-care routines

Taking a bath or doing an at-home spa treatment can be more relaxing with the presence of healing crystals. Bring them into your bath or relaxation room and bask in the positive energy it emits.

Use your crystals as home decors

Besides their healing abilities, crystals — especially those large ones — are also aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make a statement while creating a positive atmosphere, using crystals might just be the perfect answer.

Create a crystal grid

As what you might have learned from a crystal shop, each type of crystals has a different use. If you have bought different kinds, one way to fuse their energy and let them work together is by putting them in a grid. You can leave the grid no a sacred place in your home and let it naturally work its magic for you.

Place crystals near your gadgets and devices

There are experts who claim that crystals can help mitigate the number of electromagnetic fields emitted by your devices like televisions and computers. To keep yourself protected from high levels of EMF, try to place a piece of a crystal next to your devices.

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