Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Here’s Why Everyone Should Use Recycled Plastic Resin

Recycled plastic resins are examples of product innovations. The material is an outcome of an effort to promote sustainability and create renewable alternatives. With new technology and production methods, suppliers create post-consumer recycled resin. More importantly, the approach to recycle puts forward an ecological solution to the growing problem of plastics in the environment. Here are the reasons why consumers and companies should use the material.

Environmental Significance

The apparent advantage of using recycled plastic resins focus on its environmental value. Manufacturers and consumers that use the material have the chance to progress sustainability initiatives and reduce pollution created from plastics. Similarly, the content helps reduce greenhouse gasses compared to virgin resins made from petrol. The ecological advantages develop opportunities to support a population that needs plastic for storage purposes.

Corporate Strategy

Manufacturers of plastics should use recycled resins because of the potential advantage for the business. The approach signifies an effort to transition from unsustainable practices to one that recognizes the protection of business interests. Applying the corporate strategy creates a positive image among customers especially to those who remain conscious of protecting the environment. Moreover, companies become aware of its supply chain and determine sources that follow eco-friendly approaches.

Legislative Support

In the United States, there is an increasing effort to promote legislation that seeks to encourage the use of recycled resins. California, for instance, passed Proposition 67 that imposes a ban on single-use plastic bags. Part of the mandate involves the use of recycled components in plastic production which will increase to 40% minimum in 2020. With greater calls for state support, consumers and companies should expect increase participation to manage the production of plastics.

Consumer Preference

Manufacturers should also examine the potential of using recycled resins without worrying too much on consumer reaction. While the process might incur additional cost, specific studies show that customers are willing to shell out extra for products with an objective to improve the environment. The research by Nielsen surveyed different age groups from Baby Boomers to current Generation Z and found willingness. Hence, adopting the use of renewable materials have the potential to reap gains.

Development of Standards

Lastly, there is a move to establish standards for assessing the quality of recycled resins. Currently, there is the International Code Council (ICC) that provides certification to manufacturers that use post-consumer resins. Members who get certification apply sustainable solutions to plastic storage. These standards offer confidence to companies seeking to source providers with the necessary qualifications and expertise to produce renewable materials.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the reasons above provide a basis for the potential of recycled plastic resins in today’s market. Companies can use the material to support production needs, and give the possibility of a return on investment due to the positive effort to promote sustainable solutions. Customers also benefit by supporting renewable products that prevent the accumulation of microplastics and plastics in the waters. These points altogether encourage different stakeholders to become responsible for caring for the environment and use new technology and methods to create positive impact.

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