Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

List of Important Questions about Mikimoto

Mikimoto is the key producer of best quality cultured pearls. It is renowned for the best quality, expert workmanship and fine material. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets combine timeless elegance with modern and sophisticated design that is in high demand. Mikimoto pearls make the best gift for every occasion. They suit almost all events.

Origination of Mikimoto pearls

Mikimoto is the creator of cultured pearls. Each and every strand of Mikimoto pearl necklace originates from the bays of Ise Sea in Honshu Japan.

Common characteristics of Mikimoto jewelry

Every single piece of Mikimoto pearl jewelry is made of platinum or 18K gold metal. The firm uses gemstones of natural color that hasn’t been color treated or put under radiation. The premium silk thread Mikimoto jewelry is used for making Mikimoto pearl strands. Most of these pieces bear the trademark oyster outline or carving of the “Mikimoto” name. Mikimoto bracelets, necklaces and cultured pearl bracelets are fitted with M-circle logo.

Ways to know about the authenticity of Mikimoto pearl jewelry?

Mikimoto jewelry is recognized by the “Mikimoto trademark” that displays the outline of the oyster. On bracelets and necklaces, look at the backside of the hook. On Mikimoto earrings, you can clearly see the post, back of pieces or earring nuts. Look into the back of the pendant’s bail, shank of rings, or beneath a brooch. All pieces of Mikimoto jewelry excluding the Pearls in Motion will carry this identification.

Why should you go for customization in your pearl pendant necklace?

People wish to introduce special touches to make their pearl pendant necklace a lot more personalized. Customization of the necklace design can offer a lot of benefits to users.

  • Your necklace design will look creative and inspired. It will purely be a reflection to your individual personality.
  • It will showcase your values and interests.
  • Your pearl necklace design will be entirely unique. No one will find a pendant necklace like yours.


Mikimoto pearls are getting increasingly popular among people these days. It will be cherished not just by today’s youth but also gives enjoyment to future generations as well.

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