Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Takedown Tool-E is the New Product on Kickstarter to Safely Remove Hair Extensions

A beauty device is currently seeking financing through Kickstarter for a new product for your hair. If you ever had sewn-in hair extensions, you will understand they are not easy to take out. The new tool is the “first and only easy and safe way to remove sewn-in-hair extensions.”

This is an innovation, plastic assembled and steel slim handheld device used to assist in safe and efficient for the removal of hair extensions.


It is named the “Takedown Tool-E” and aids the person using it safety and quickly. This device to be used in assisting in the efficient removal of hair extensions

Takedown Tool-E

The Takedown Tool-E will aid the user with the removal of extensions due to its exclusive C-shape Cutting Curve. This device concept was developed when Frieman was viewing a nature video that featured the beak of the hawks.

Saves time

Due to the ease of use with the Takedown Tool-E it can only help you in saving time, but it can also avoid the money used in having your hair artist take your hair out for you. So, it saves time and money. This Tool-E’s has efficient safety guides that helps to avoid harm to the scalp and cut hair tracts and thread smoothly with no damage to the real hair.

Reuse extensions

Wearers of extension also saving money by being able to reprocess expensive bundles hair bundles. The invention is brand-new, ground-breaking, and cost-effective. The Takedown Tool-E eliminates the threat of being cut with a blade or losing any hair from scissors or razor blades.

Friedom Innovation

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