Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

The New MyDelena Travel Jewelry Case Will Ensure Your Jewelry Arrives Safely

At long last there is a Travel Jewelry case that is properly designed. This slim, compact, rigid design locks your jewelry in place, so that it will arrive undamaged. This is especially good if you are carrying pearls as they can be easily scratched.

Travelling with jewelery

If you travel a lot whether for business or pleasure and have jewelry, it is likely you can open your suitcase and there is a tangled mess of jewelry or even worse, lost pieces or broken clasps. Packing your jewellery has almost developed into an engineering project. Many people use Ziploc bags and toilet paper, jeopardizing damage, loss or at the very least a tangled mess of metal that is all knotted up.

Care of jewelry

Some people have been traveling for years and are still trying to get to their destination with jewelry that is not broken or pearls that are scratched. No matter what you use your jewelry pieces are not really protected or stopped from knotting. Hard cases are often too heavy or too large and just do not keep jewelry in place. No matter what you use, you will usually wind up with tangled messes and broken earrings.


Now with the new MyDelena case you are able to be sure your jewelry is kept safe, secure and will arrive in just exactly the same place you packed it.

Jewelry case

This MyDelena jewelry traveling case keeps everything in place, does not open by accident and protects your things. All of this, plus it is cute, compact and tough. There does not seem to be anything like it on the market, and the manufacturers ware happy to say it is here right now!

Jewelry Travel Compartment

The MyDelena jewelry travel compartment has small cubbies inside in order to keep rings, earrings and other smaller pieces separate and in place, while the circular rings can be used for necklaces that are delicate and more. The compression lid built with firm form ensures your pieces stay safe as well as untangled. The tray that is cushioned has a soft surface to put larger pieces, such as watches and statement pieces, secured by strips of Velcro – and all of this makes certain your jewelry stays in place during travel!


Finally, a proper Travel Jewelry Case! Our slim, compact, rigid design locks jewelry in place, so your jewelry arrives undamaged.

Fits anywhere

Fits in virtually any carry-on bag, purse or suitcase – and you can mix and match pieces to create the travel jewelry case that best meets your needs!

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