Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

What inspires to go for custom made Evening Gowns and Cheongsam in Singapore?

Would you like to showcase your inner beauty with the artistic evening gowns and cheongsams? Yes, surely. Isn’t it? But, custom-made is preferred over readymade gowns.

Why Custom-made?

Custom made is the best. As proper measurements are taken for custom made dresses, this allows the dress to fit you perfectly which eventually defines your super style. If a perfect measurement is taken, the dress will be little roomy as well as it will define your slim bodyline. With custom made dress, people can carry it flawlessly without feeling weird in it.

Evening Gowns:

Every girl dreams of wearing a very stylish evening gown. But to get your hands on the best gown you need choose from a variety of designs to actualize your dream. An evening gown is worn for weddings, proms, and other gala events. When we talk of evening gowns, we cannot miss the Chinese evening gowns. They make you feel beautiful and elegant.

Varieties of Cheongsam:

There are varieties of cheongsam in Singapore to choose from like –

  • The Classic Embroidered – Gives a stunning look. The embroidery is perfect for all kinds of occasion.
  • Deep colored Silk satin – It gives a bold look.
  • Pure Cotton – Light and cool for summers.
  • Lacy – Beautifies the pattern of the dress.
  • Silk Brocade – Has a smooth fall so gives an elegant look.
  • Pure Silk Satin with patterns – Glamorous to see.
  • Mixed Fabrics – Wool and cashmere can be some of the mixed fabrics.
  • Velvet – Adds a rich look to the dress.
  • Handcrafted – Strengthens the base material apart from embellishing.
  • Hand-painted – A story retold on the dress.
  • Synthetic Fiber – Shine to the dress.
  • Modern – Very different in style.

The various types of flowers, butterflies, Chinese dragons and other Chinese icons depicts prosperity and wealth. It has an auspicious value.

Importance of a Personal Stylist:

To be proud of wearing such beauty is only made possible through a perfect and personal stylist. They can attend to your unique needs to create the one of a kind design, making use of imported fabrics and delicacies.

Hence, the custom made Evening gowns and Cheongsam in Singapore will definitely incorporate the new trends happening in the fashion industry as the skilled designers are always creating exclusive patterns to suit your style statement and needs.

Therefore, in order to look your best, order your favourite custom made Evening gowns and Cheongsam in Singapore today.

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